ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE40 years of activity in the field of automobile spare parts
Leader in the manufacture and distribution of Rear view mirrors and lighting Aftermarket.
Continuously updated catalogs with adaptable products to emerging vehicles.
Top logistic system for picking service that guarantees a minimum 95% on all orders.
The largest existing range of mirrors and lighting in the market with over 15,000 references and more than 98% coverage for European Circulating Park.

Production - After years of constant development and investment, has become the leading manufacturer of Rear viem mirrors in the European Aftermarket.
R & D - ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE has include in its priorities the investment in R & D getting lead the production processes in the automotive sector, which has become a trademark.
Quality - ALKAR AUTOMOTIVE has the confidence of the main parts distributors worldwide thanks to it has made quality the main purpose of its production.
Alkar in the world - Presence worldwide not only thanks to its customers, but also due to its constant process of expansion and internationalization.

All pieces stated in this document are not original but they are a perfect match for the vehicles they are intended to, being equivalent quality products according to the EU Regulation 461/2010.

Carmaker Brands & Logos as well as OE Reference Numbers are only used with the purpose of specifying the vehicle the piece is applicable to. All such Carmaker Brands & Logos and OE Reference Number displayed in our documents are an exclusive propriety of their respective lawful owners.